Gurinder Pal Singh | Mortgage Agent

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Meet Gurinder Pal Singh..

Gurinder Pal Singh is a licensed Mortgage Agent Level 2 (Licence # M22002006) with Infinite Mortgage Solutions (Licence # 13443). Gurinder Pal Singh has years of experience and extensive knowledge of the industry.

Working with clients from diverse backgrounds allowed Gurinder Pal Singh to learn the varied needs of people, which further encouraged him to gain in-depth knowledge of the financial sector.

Gurinder Pal Singh has helped many to secure the best mortgages and other financial products at the best market rates. He is well-versed with the latest mortgage products and market trends! Contact him today for a mortgage that’s right for you.

Why we?

“The diversity drives our vibe”


The sole purpose of our company is to inspire living life to the fullest by providing our clienteles with the house of their dreams


Here at Infinite Mortgage Solutions, our Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Agents are committed to deliver Grade A service by laying customer’s needs first.


We have optimistic and outgoing employees belonging to various cultural and ethnic groups with immense experience and knowledge in the field.


We are the Infinite Mortgage Solutions Team, and we have almost two decades of expertise in the mortgage sector. We will go above and above for you, assisting you in obtaining the best mortgage rates and conditions, completing a safe mortgage application, and addressing any of your inquiries and worries.


Our customized mortgage options can fit your demands depending on your unique financial condition because we have access to a wide network of lenders.


In Canada, there are typically two options for obtaining a mortgage: through a bank or a certified mortgage advisor.


Licensed mortgage professionals send millions of dollars worth of mortgage business to Canada’s biggest banks, credit unions, trust companies, and financial institutions every year, giving their clients access to hundreds of mortgage products. In contrast, a bank only offers the products from their institution!


Clients gain from this trust, security, and confidence in knowing they are receiving the finest mortgage for their requirements. Making an informed purchase choice with expert advice is essential, whether you’re buying a property for the first time, pulling out equity from your house for investment or pleasure, or simply having your current mortgage renewed


We have access to hundreds of reputable lending institutions to provide you with more options – and the best mortgage products to suit your needs.